We're electric car fanatics! Let us help you with your EV charging station needs.

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Who We Are

Clean Economy is an independent project management company. We're vendor agnostic, so we'll work with you to select the best equipment and setup for your needs. Whether you just want expert advice or a partner to handle everything, we'll deliver the optimal solution.

For Apartments & Condos

As demand for electric cars grows, so will the desire for home-based charging stations by your HOA members and renters. Whether your building is older or a new construction, providing EV charging stations to residents is a great way to increase your property value.

For Workplaces and Retail Spaces

Offering work-time car charging for employees is a compelling recruiting and retention tool. And offering charging to your customers will entice them to stay longer and keep coming back. Providing charging stations can be great for your business.

The electric car revolution is here. Let's get your building up to speed!

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What We Do

As an independent project management company, we have the flexibility to serve your needs in a number of capacities. We can simply provide expert advice or we can manage your project from set-up to the long-term.


We'll design and set up your installation so it works optimally with your car drivers' needs and the unique architecture of your building. learn more


Because we're vendor agnostic, we can identify the best equipment for your particular needs and budget. learn more


We'll handle all facets of the installation of your charging stations. learn more


We can integrate your vehicle chargers with solar and other renewable energy and storage systems. learn more


We can handle the billing and maintenance of your program over the long-term. We offer secure, online user authentication, accounting, and reporting services for multi-tenant and multi-user car charging installations. learn more